Activities and outdoor experiences for groups in Oulu

Are you planning a night out, birthdays, bachelor parties or a company recreation day? We help you organize a unique day that will be remembered. The activities are aimed at groups of different sizes, such as companies and groups of friends. You can rent from us equipment or let us arrange guided event according to your wishes.


Open weekly games 2024

Would you be interested in paintball games, but it is difficult to find a game club to organize the games? You are not alone! We are collecting contact information and registrations for open weekly games that may be organized next summer. Contacts – [email protected]


The games run all year round in a warm indoor game arena, regardless of the weather and the length of the day, near the center of Liminga! On the indoor field, you can experience a completely new kind of paintball environment with light effects, new game formats and rubber balls. Book your appointment at the indoor track now on 0401406243! Paintball Areena's own pages


The color ball game gets the adrenaline flowing! Paintball offers both thrilling excitement and fast-paced exercise.

Bubble soccer

Challenge your friends to bubble football! Bubble soccer offers something new to soccer fanatics. Everyone goes to their own bubble, after which football is played with the applied rules.

Kayaking trips

The leader of the trip is a trained paddling guide, from whom you can get the necessary instructions. In these rapids, every now and then a pair of sledders overturn their canoes, so not everyone makes it out dry.


Oulu Action Park also offers fast-paced paintball games with smaller 0.50 cal markers for kids and schoolchildren (also recommended for women's groups).

Break room

A new break room "Taukotupa" has been completed for us, which is very suitable for spending evenings and eating. The break room is located in the same place as Korsusauna at Kukkulanraitti 159, 90910 Kontio

Pit sauna

The traditional Korsusauna offers delicious baths even for a large gaming group. There is a sauna right next to the playing fields.

The platforms can accommodate twenty saunas at a time. The premises have a room with a fireplace, which is suitable for spending the evening and getting dressed. It is possible to order food at the venue in advance. There is no mains electricity or tap water in the sauna.