Bubble soccer is fun and challenging

Bubble soccer offers something new to soccer fanatics. Each player goes to his own bubble, after which football is played according to the applied rules.

In order to progress in grappling situations, you must first knock down your opponent. Bubble soccer is not only very fun but also physically demanding.

Bubble footballs for all occasions

From us you can rent bubble footballs with a coach for example, for the opening of the game season, finals or any other occasion. We'll come along to direct and referee the games according to the customer's wishes. We have bubbles from primary school children to adults!

Rent equipment from us

You can rent it by contacting us either by phone or email and by agreeing on the place and time of the game.

Spacious halls and artificial grass fields are primarily suitable as a place to play. There must not be anything in the environment that could break or damage the player/ball while playing. It is good to have mains power at the venue for filling the balls.

There should be at least 8 players. There are a maximum of 12 players on the field at the same time (6/team). The person playing must be in basic physical health.


€35 / person (group size less than 12 people) + possible field rental

€420 / group (group size 12 people or more) + possible pitch rental

Note! If the game is organized at a distance of more than 50 kilometers from Kiiming, we will add travel costs to the price.

+ Read the game rules

Ground rules

Game rules apply.

The team consists of a goalkeeper and five (5) field players, the number of substitutes is not limited, and the team must have at least four (4) players on the field.

Objects that could possibly damage the ball are collected from the players before playing.

Three (3) 20-minute sets are played, with 10-minute breaks in between.

At the beginning of the set, it is drawn which team will get the opening kick from their own end. After a goal, the start is the same at the end of the field where the goal was scored.

Free flying player substitutions are made at the center line of the field. The substitution has been completed correctly when the player going to be substituted has left the field before the player entering the field. The referee can give a two (2) minute penalty for a wrong substitution or alternatively a free kick to the opposing team for touching the center line. A possible goal does not interrupt the penalty.

The referee can give a penalty to a player who grossly tries to harm his teammates or the balls. So the judge guarantees safety. Tackles are otherwise allowed except when the player is kicking the ball. The referee can direct the player completely out of the game for a rule violation.

  • For free kicks, the distance from the wall must be three (5) meters.
  • Except there is none.
  • Penalty kicks, corner kicks and free kicks are taken by the nearest or fouled player.
  • All free kicks, corner kicks and sideline kicks are indirect.
  • The team with the most goals wins. If the match ends in a draw, a 5-minute overtime will follow with the golden goal rule. After this, if necessary, a penalty shootout is held, which includes 3 shots per team. If necessary, additional kickers are selected.

The referee's decision cannot be appealed. Each player is responsible for his own insurance coverage.