Kayaking on Kiiminkijoki can be started in early June, and the season lasts until autumn, depending on the water situation. The length of the kayaking trip is about six kilometers and is also suitable for people who have no previous kayaking experience. Kayaking takes place in two-person open canoes. I personally spend about 1.5 hours kayaking.

The tour starts with a meeting at the address Kukkulanraitti 166, 90910 Kontio, from where the organizer has a ride to the starting point in Kiiminki.

At the starting point, participants are given a quick training on the basics of paddling. The beginning of the trip is a calm backwater, where it is good to get to know the behavior of the canoe and try out different steering and paddling techniques. The leader of the excursion is a trained canoeing guide, from whom you can get the necessary instructions. After Suvanto, the section begins, where there are consistently first-class rapids the entire rest of the way. In these rapids, every now and then a pair of sledders overturn their canoes, so not everyone makes it out dry.

The tour ends at the starting point, where it is possible to make coffee and fry sausages. From here you can continue directly to the color ball war and from there to the dugout sauna for washing.


More detailed information about kayaking – 040 5806992 Mark


€50 / person, minimum billing 6 people.


Kayakers have life vests and helmets as safety equipment. Clothing according to the weather. Old sneakers/boots can be used as footwear. If the water is still cold, it's good to keep your feet dry. Wallets, car keys and phones should be left out while paddling. Sunglasses on clear days and something to drink (non-alcoholic).