The color ball game gets the adrenaline flowing

Paintball offers both thrilling excitement and fast-paced exercise. We organize guided color ball games all year round according to the customer's wishes, either on our own playing fields or in the customer's countries.

Our selection includes equipment for men, women, mixed groups as well as children and young people. Feel free to ask and we will tell you more.

We organize games with three on a different built outdoor field and one on a warm indoor court. Two outdoor fields are located in Tirinkylä in Kiiming and the third in Rusko in Oulu.

FOREST FIELD. Lots of built obstacles and shelters, differences in terrain, dry fabric sole. The field has a covered break/campfire place, gun racks and a toilet. The recommended number of players on the field at the same time is 8-28. The most popular game format – Capture Flag

FIELD is right next to the forest field and is more suitable for a faster-paced game. The field is built on a flat surface with dense shelters. The urban field has its own covered break and campfire place. The recommended number of players on the field at the same time is 6-22. Most popular game modes – Team Deathmach and Domination.

RUSKO FIELD Our third course is located in Oulu at Ruskotunturi. The Rusko field is a mixture of a forest field and a "city field" and at the same time our smallest outdoor field. The recommended number of players on the field at the same time is 6-14. Most popular game mode – Team Deathmach.

All fields are suitable for both small and large groups, and all fields have a netted protection/break area.

PAINTBALL ARENA is located in Liminga and is suitable for really fast-paced and tactical play all year round. See more on Paintball Areena's own website -

If you wish, we can also arrange food or soot pot coffee and donuts in connection with the games.

K-14 Paintball (.68cal)

.68cal is well suited for games where you want the bullet to be seen far away, the hit clearly felt and the color mark leaves no ambiguity about the hit. The mass of the bullet is about three times bigger compared to a .50cal bullet, and so is the feeling of the hit ;)

K-10 Paintball (.50cal)

.50cal markers have come to us for the 2017 season. Tippmann's 0.50 caliber FT semi-automatic markers are suitable for young people (10 years+) and for adults and for mixed groups. The starting speed in the markers is almost the same as in the traditional Tippmann 98 semi-automatics, but the ball is smaller and lighter. So now you can play without fear of painful hits! We especially recommend this for women's games as well.

Equipment rental

You can also rent equipment from us for self-guided or guided color ball games. We rent reliable Tippman semi-automatic markers. Take contact and ask more!


Package 1.

€35 / person (250 balls)

Package 2.

€40 / person (500 balls) – the most popular

Package 3.

€52 / person (1000 balls and additional pressure)

Paintball birthdays for children 8-13 years old 

List prices -€5

The packages include all-terrain overalls, headgear, protective mask with double lens, marker, louder and gas bottle, use of the field and guidance. The price includes VAT. The price is the same when ordering an organized game and renting equipment.